Debbie Taub 3Dr. Deborah Taub believes strongly that all students deserve equal opportunities to learn and grow and has been actively involved in supporting best practices for all students at the federal, state, district, school, classroom and student levels.

Currently, Dr. Taub is a visiting professor at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro in Specialized Education Services and has her own consulting company, OTL Education Solutions, specializing in transforming opportunities to learn for students with disabilities.

Dr. Taub has provided research and professional development assistance for states, territories, and other entities working to develop and sustain best practice. She has designed, implemented and evaluated alternate assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities, developed standards-based curricula and instruction, and conducted validity and alignment evaluations.

Dr. Taub has contributed journal articles, book chapters, and numerous professional development trainings to the field of educating children, especially those who have significant cognitive disabilities, and has presented internationally on working with students with disabilities and inclusive practices.

2003 - Ph.D. Anthropology – American University
Dissertation: Signs and Signifiers: Flexible Categorizations of Autism

1996 - M.S. Early Childhood Special Education – Syracuse University

1994 - B.A. Anthropology – Ithaca College

docxCurriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

Taub, D., McCord, J., & Ryndak, D. (submitted). Opportunities to Learn for students with extensive support needs: A context of evidence-based practices for all in general education classes. Journal of Special Education.

Taub, D.A., McCord, J.A., & Keefe, E.B. (in press). Inclusive literacy instruction: State and national standards and beyond. In S.R. Copeland and E.B. Keefe (Eds.), Effective literacy instruction for learners with complex support needs (2nd edition). Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes.

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Taub, D., White, J. M., & Ryndak, D. L. (2014). Promising practices for professional development and school reform impacting students with complex instructional needs: Perceptions of an expert panel. Inclusion, 2(4), 265-285.

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